Video Submission Release

Parameters for Submitting Video To The Landings Association

  1. Length: Videos should be 3 minutes or less in length.
  2. Lighting: Light from the front so your face is clear. Do not backlight. Do not record in front of an uncovered window.
  3. Sound: Limit background noise; speak clearly and loudly
  4. Language: Use appropriate language. Videos with inappropriate language, content, and references will not be posted.
  5. Remember: All videos become property of The Landings Association and may be used at our discretion on our website ( or YouTube Channel.
  6. Personal video messages (e.g., Birthday, Anniversary, and Get-Well wishes, etc.) are prohibited.


The above named videographer hereby acknowledges being the legal copyright owner in the work(s) described below:


The videographer hereby grants permission to The Landings Association, Inc. to post or link to the aforementioned work(s) in any size or quality for use. Videos will be properly credited and will be used only for official Landings Association media.