Temporary Banner Request

Temporary Banner Signage Standards

All signs posted must be related to events that involve The Landings Association, The Landings Club, and/or nonprofit organizations that are associated with The Landings. Further, all events advertised are to be open to the entire community at The Landings. 

  • Signs shall be no larger than 3’ by 8’;
  • Signs are permitted in the following areas: East of Lake Street and Westcross Road; (Click Temporary Banner Locations Map for details.)
  • Signs shall be fastened to a tree in the above designated areas via cord and must remain taut at all times;
  • Signs are to be constructed of vinyl material. Signs cannot be constructed of paper or cardboard;
  • Signs shall be displayed for a maximum of seven (7) days per event. Once the seven (7) days have elapsed, the sign and cord must be removed by the displayer;
  • Signs should be displayed in such a manner that is aesthetically pleasing in color, font type and font size;
  • There shall be no political signage; and
  • There are to be a maximum of three (3) signs displayed at any given time. One (1) sign is permitted on Westcross Road/Diamond Causeway, and two (2) signs are permitted on Lake Street/Diamond Causeway. (Click Temporary Banner Locations Map for details.)

All sign designs must be submitted to the Public Works Department for approval prior to posting. The approval of all signs is subject to the discretion of the Public Works Department. For questions or concerns related to the sign policy, please call the Public Works Department (912-598-5509).

Banner display dates cannot exceed 7 days.