Property Recognition

The Landings Association's Property Recognition Program recognizes the efforts of residential property owners who contribute time and resources to maintaining or improving residential properties in The Landings. Please nominate a Landings residential property that displays outstanding pride of ownership and/or attentive maintenance.

Award categories: Awards are available in multiple categories, including:

  • General property maintenance and improvements
  • Remodel, renovation, or addition
  • Landscaping and/or gardens
  • Environmentally sensitive improvements (e.g., use of rain gardens, green building materials, and storm water management strategies)

Award frequency: The award is offered quarterly with application for the quarter award accepted through the 5th business day of the new quarter. The award(s) shall be presented at The Landings Association's monthly Board of Directors Meeting.

Nominations: The Landings' residents are welcome to nominate a residential property by filling out the form below.

  • All residential properties are eligible for the award, including owner-occupied or rented single‐family rental properties owned by individuals or corporations.
  • Nominations may be submitted by anyone; however, The Landings Association Staff and Board Members may neither nominate a residential property nor receive the award.
  • The Landings' residents who serve non‐elected roles in the Association (e.g., committees, subcommittees) may receive the award or nominate other residential properties for the award.

Award: Award recipient(s) will receive recognition in the following ways:

  • A sign to display on the property of their award-winning home for that quarter.
  • Recognition articles in The Landings Journal and on The Landings Association’s website.
  • A Landings Club gift card of up to $100 for a dinner for two at one of The Landings Club's restaurants.

Part 1 - Nominator Information

Please provide information about you (the nominator) so that The Landings Association's Staff can contact you with any questions that may arise. Self‐nominations are both accepted and encouraged.


Part 2 - Nominee Information

Please provide information about the residential property that you are nominating for The Landings Association's Residential Property Recognition Program Award.


Please describe why you believe the property deserves the Residential Property Recognition Award from The Landings Association. If possible, please upload photos of property showing "Before" and "After".