Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment: 

Remember, these types of recreational features require Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval prior to installation. To obtain approval, please fill out and submit this application outlining the type of structure, the colors and materials, and the desired location. This application will be reviewed by the ARC to ensure that installation of the new play feature is in alignment with the Architectural Guidelines.

Per the Architectural Guidelines, playground equipment is defined as any exterior recreational item such as tree houses, play houses, swings/gym sets, trampolines, as well as basketball goals. Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines for more information regarding playground equipment. 

The items below are required to complete the application process. Acceptable forms of documentation include jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, and docx files.
   • A scaled site plan showing the proposed location of the playground equipment. 
   • A photo of the proposed area where the equipment will be located. 
   • Manufacturer's information of the proposed equipment. 

Upload Photo of Scaled Site Plan of Proposed Location
Upload Photo of Proposed Location of the Equipment
Upload Manufacturer's Information of the Proposed Equipment