Our Vision

The VISION of The Landings is to be the most vibrant residential community in the Southeast.

In support of the Vision, our Employee MISSION is to lead our community to excellence through continuous improvement.


To enable us to achieve our mission….


WE VALUE: People

Our success IS customer satisfaction. We proactively seek feedback and involvement to improve customer experience and ensure our operations are seamless and user-friendly. We value individual contributions and foster our internal and external relationships. We collaborate to create a supportive team with one unified purpose – to provide outstanding customer service. We treat everyone with respect, seeking to understand our differences and leverage every individual’s strengths.


WE VALUE: Leadership in Everyone

Each employee’s ideas, initiative and involvement are essential to ensuring our success. We depend on every team member to demonstrate consistent ownership of responsibilities and be a reliable and supportive resource to everyone as we work towards common goals. We seek out new methods, procedures, and technologies that increase our efficiency to ensure we are achieving our mission. As good stewards and leaders, we are accountable for our actions and decisions.


WE VALUE: Purposeful Communication

We demonstrate kindness and clarity in our interactions with others. We communicate openly in constructive and effective ways that build and sustain trust, engaging in active listening and showing respect for others. We are open to, and accept, constructive feedback and use it to implement change. We share ideas and information with transparency, making them available to all.



We seek the good in all situations and celebrate our accomplishments. We are accessible, approachable and responsive, exhibiting flexible, positive attitudes. We recognize our successes and stay positive during challenges. We strive to create a team that supports, encourages, and includes every individual.
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To be the most vibrant residential community
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