April 11 Plantation Club
Courtesy of CCA Skidaway

CCA Skidaway will host its 20th Annual Banquet and Auction on April 11 at the Plantation Club Ballroom.

This is a reminder that the vote on whether to incorporate Skidaway Island as a city is Tuesday, March 19, 2019, for those registered voters who have not taken advantage of early or absentee voting.

If you are a registered voter of Skidaway Island, voting will be held at your regular Skidaway Island polling location on Tuesday, March 19 from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m.

Chatham County Voter Registration asked us to note that ALL voters actively registered on Skidaway Island can participate, and not just one person per household.

Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Perimeter fence cutbacks are conducted annually to ensure that vegetative overgrowth does not encompass the fencing in any way. BrightView conducts this maintenance on an annual basis from October through March, and all material is removed daily from the worksite.

By Sean Burgess -
Interim Public Works Director

St. Augustine grass is the second feature in our Turf Management Series and is known for its salt tolerance.This grass is best suited for warm, humid areas. St. Augustine is widely utilized throughout the Southeast/coastal regions and is planted at the majority of The Landings Association’s gatehouses.

Rick Cunningham

 The Ospreys have a third egg! Watch Live at 

Click for a bit of history of The Landings Bird Cam...

By Kristin Peney -
Community Programs Manager

We’re going bananas twice this summer, with TWO Landings Nights at the Ball Park! Mark your calendars for some classic American fun at Grayson Stadium on June 22 and July 16. Tickets will be available for purchase at The Landings Association (600 Landings Way South) for both games starting May 1. Tickets are $18 per person and include unlimited food all evening. Food choices include chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, soft drinks, and more. Once they are available, you will be able to purchase tickets with cash or check until 5 p.m. on game day, June 22 or July 16, while supplies last.

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

One of the many selling points of The Landings is its natural habitat and timeless beauty. The many towering Live Oaks, Red Oaks, Magnolias, and stately pines that grace the island help to make up some of this beauty. But did you know there are some hidden gems within The Landings that help to add to the southern charm? Over the next few months, I will be your tour guide as we explore some of these areas, many of which you may have heard of, and others that may come as news to you.

By Kristin Peney -
Community Programs Manager

This spring, The Landings Girls on the Run team boasts participants from four schools across Chatham County.


By Linda Dillard -
Skidaway Farms

With spring's arrival this is the time you should be amending your beds with great compost, mushroom and cow manure, new soil, and whatever elements that your soil test said is lacking.