Get ready for Spring Fling in The Village on Saturday, May 11 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Village Library will hold its Sidewalk Book Sale. Also featured will be the Mustang Car Show and Art in the Park, including jewelry and pottery. For children, there will be face painting, kiddie train rides, and miniature birdhouse painting.

Put it on your calendar now. It’s sure to be a great time!

By Raoul Rushin -
President, The Landings Company

The Landings Company: How did we do in the 1st Quarter?

In keeping with our mission to preserve and enhance property values as outlined in detail last month, we continue to work at maximizing the dollars we self-generate. Our raise the number of interested parties in our community (leads), the number that visit us to learn more about The Landings (Discovery Visits), and ultimately increase property sales.

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon and Landings Garden Club

On May 5, Friends of Skidaway Audubon and the Landings Garden Club will host a presentation by David Mizejewski from The National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

Courtesy of The Landings Company

Diane Gannon is The Landings Company’s Artist in Residence for May and June.

By Carol Otto Cole -
Courtesy of LAA

Wrapping up a hectic 2018-19 year, the Landings Art Association (LAA) proudly caps off the season by bringing Contemporary Realist Painter and Instructor Karen Bradley to speak May 21 on her journey as a self-taught to professional artist, enh

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO, The Landings Association

Dear Residents,

I’ve written recently about the importance of the Capital Reserve Fund for the repair and replacement of our community infrastructure and capital assets.

Learn more about the incidents Landings Security Officers have been responding to recently, including a fire and The Power Movie.

Learn details about Landings Way South Seam Repairs, 2019 Community Path Project, Strategic Water Committee Progress, and more!

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO

One of the most important responsibilities for The Landings Association is to understand overall community expectations and satisfaction levels with the Association’s services and what our members are willing to support.

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

The second year of the Tour golf tournament was a huge success, and the Military Appreciation Day was well received by all generations. During the event, Security personnel counted 553 golf carts. The good news is that only five carts were unregistered, and three carts had modified decals. Staff identified two of the cart owners and even registered one of the carts while the owners watched the tournament unfold at Schooner Cove. Another cart was registered within a week.