Preston Parfitt -
Plan Review Administrator

As you are aware, The Landings Association has created Architectural Guidelines and Covenants, with support from our residents, to create a beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing community in which to live and play.

Some residents find the repair and replacement processes confusing. We believe that communication will simplify and improve the process.

Lynn Lewis
Communications Manager

Americans are cutting back on lots of things, but golf cart safety definitely should not be one of them. Taking the time to observe a few simple rules of the road, coupled with a heaping serving of common courtesy, could mean the difference between a pleasant trip and a horrible tragedy.

Golf cart safety is a high priority, whether you are rolling along a course or cruising around the neighborhood. Cart safety at The Landings is serious business for Security Director Tim Cook.

Paul Kurilla
Public Works/Community Development Director

A study was prepared recently that showed 35% of all roofing structures in the United States fail to meet their life expectancy. This would translate to 1,400 homes at The Landings alone. Major repairs on your home are expensive, specifically those repairs made to your roof. However, performing and maintaining your home can save owners a lot of money down the road.