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The Savannah Book Festival is very proud to bring retired Staff Sergeant Travis Mills to Savannah. The event is set for February 13 at 1:40 p.m., at Trinity Lutheran United Methodist Church. The event is free and open to the public.

Mills was on his third combat tour with the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan, when an IED exploded beneath him. He lives by his motto, “Never Give Up, Never Quit.” A quadruple amputee, he swims, dances with his wife, rides mountain bikes, and drives his daughter to school.

   December 18 marked the first anniversary of the new Skidaway Island Publix. The 28,000 square foot facility is located at 6 West Ridge Road, between Skidaway Island Baptist Church and the Wells Fargo Bank.

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

There is a saying in the security community that states we only are as good as the information we have on file. This certainly is true with our database file for you and your home.

By Maryce Cunningham -
Courtesy of CCA

Ever wonder why those cute ducks always are sitting peacefully in the middle of so many of our lagoons? Is it possible that they like living at The Landings as much as we do?

   When many people think of Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Skidaway Chapter, they think Kids Fishing Derby, or the originators of The Landings’ Lagoon Guide.

   However, CCA is involved in many other projects. Following is a listing of just a few:

Our Club - The Landings Club’s New Name for our Magazine

Are You A New Neighbor Member?

New Neighbors is a very active club open to new residents of The Landings and is kicking off some very exciting events and programs. Just check out some of the activities below…they are fun, fun, FUN! Complete information about events is readily available at

To join, go to the website and click on Membership or call Susan Arraiz ( or 912-598-2237).

By Stuart Fletcher (Brody’s Dad)
Dog Park Committee

The assertions from members of the fashion industry that “brown is the new black”, notwithstanding, and Netflix’s hit series “Orange is the New Black”, aside, the real newsworthy revision of the “in” color is that purple is the new red.

By Rory Jose -
Marinas Director

It’s just the beginning of 2016, and I am happy to report that all signs point to a successful year for our marinas.

We are gearing up for a busy boating season. Now is the time to start bringing your boats back, as we almost always reach capacity during the spring and summer. For more information on size, price, and availability, please call Landings Harbor (598-1901).

By Lars Ljungdahl -

Fire Call Responses on Skidaway Island