By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

If you hear gunshots that appear to be coming from the marsh, it could be the sounds of a rail hunter taking part in the season. Fall marks rail or “marsh hen” hunting season in Georgia. 

There are four groups of “marsh hens” that frequent this area -- king, clapper, sora, and Virginia. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ website, there is a limit of 15 per day and 45 in possession for king and clapper, and 25/45 for sora and Virginia. King and clapper are the most popular in our area.

By Larry Sincoskie - 
Marinas Director 

Landings Harbor and Delegal Creek Marina’s operational hours were adjusted recently for fall. Both Marinas are now open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daylight hours will roll back towards the end of October, and operations will adjust to meet boating and customer service needs.

The following message is courtesy of The Landings Club and recently was sent to Landings Club Members.

Dear Landings Club Member-Owners,

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

If you missed The Landings Association’s September 22 Virtual Board Meeting, you can watch a video of the meeting on our YouTube channel ( or click here. Please note, we experienced some technical difficulties with this stream and did not capture the start of the meeting.

By Raoul Rushin -
President, TLCo

First in a Series:

The Landings Company, The Landings Association, and The Landings Club: Who’s Who?

The Landings Company is a 100% owned subsidiary of The Landings Association (TLA). Simply put, TLA is a not-for-profit, while the Company is a for-profit corporation. Although the Company and TLA have the similar objective of protecting and enhancing property values, each go about their mission using very different but complementary strategies to do so.

By Lynn Lewis - 
Communications Manager 

By Lynn Lewis - 
Communications Manager 

Courtesy of The Landings Company

The Landings Company is looking for a few, great homes to support its Discovery Visit Program. To learn more, click here

The Agenda Packet for the September 22 Landings Association monthly Board Meeting has been posted. It can be accessed by clicking Board Agenda Packet. You must be logged in with your username and password to view this document. If you want to ask questions of the Board regarding items on the agenda, please email them in advance of the meeting to

Dear Landings Association Members,

Our Community of 8,500 Residents Enjoy:

  • 4,755 Total Acres (including 715 acres of common property – 574 in turf, 4 in athletic fields, 22 in gatehouses; 115 in forested areas)
  • 91 Miles of Roads and 30 Miles (22 Paved) of Paths/Trails on common property
  • 80 miles of Storm Drains
  • 313 Center Islands/Medians
  • 11 Bridges
  • 7 Gated Entrances (serving more than 10,000 vehicles each day) 
  • 151 Lagoons (totaling 269 acres), including the Kids’ Fishing Lagoon
  • 3 RV Storage Yards
  • 2 Deep Water Marinas, with 378 Boat Racks and Slips
  • 2 Athletic Fields
  • Delegal’s Sunset Pavilion
  • Playground
  • Dog Park
  • Native Plant Trail
  • Nature Trail

Provided by: 

  • 78 Fulltime Equivalent Employees (FTE), supported by 120 volunteers
  • 30 Vehicles (including heavy equipment and two boats)
  • 11 Buildings (including the Administration Building, Public Works Facility, Marinas, Gatehouses, and the Marsh Tower)

To learn more about the Annual Dues Proposal, visit