Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon 

Big and beautiful, butterflies are welcomed visitors to any garden.

New Neighbors is a social group open to women and men who are new residents at The Landings in Savannah, Georgia.

Traffic calming is a term that evolved in Europe to describe a variety of methods to slow cars as they move through commercial and residential neighborhoods.

The tentative Agenda for The Landings Association’s July 28 Virtual Board Meeting can be accessed by clicking here.

Courtesy of Landings Security

Learn more about the incidents Landings Security Officers have been responding to recently, including a Dive Emergency Incident, Gas Leak, and more.

Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Learn details about Lagoon 42 Structure Refurbishment, and the Demo of New Storm Draining Cleaning Equipment.

By Lynn Lewis - 
Communications Manager 

As you travel the island this summer in your golf cart, don’t forget about Georgia’s law to prevent distracted driving. 

By Sean Burgess -
Public Works Director 

In Georgia, we have 40 species of snakes that include six venomous snakes. On Skidaway Island, the snakes we most often see are rat snakes, garter snakes, corn snakes, and copperheads. Although this region is home to all six venomous snakes, the only one that I have ever seen on the island is the copperhead, which is quite common. 

By Lynn Lewis - 
Communications Manager 

The day in the life of a Landings Security Officer can be unpredictable.

One of the components of the 2021-2023 Annual Dues Proposal is an upgrade to The Landings Association’s Athletic Field Complex, including the playground.

The Athletic Field Complex Committee finalized a proposed playground design for the complex (shown in the renderings below) earlier this year. Double click on the image of the renderings to make it open larger. You can watch a video example of each of the proposed playground areas below the renderings.