By Lynn Lewis - 
Communications Manager 

When exiting The Landings lately, you may have noticed that the familiar green messages of the community sign boards are missing. 

Currently, LED Design Pro, the manufacturer of the sign boards, is working with The Landings Association’s contracted IT company to troubleshoot the issue. They hope to have the community sign boards back online soon. 

By Amber Capps - 
Executive Assistant to The Public Works Director 

Irrigation is the main source of water usage on the island, accounting for approximately 50 percent of your total water bill. While irrigation is the primary source of water usage outside your home, your toilet uses the most water inside of the home. 

By Amber Capps -
Executive Assistant to The Public Works Director 

 Do you have an announcement to make and need to hang a banner? 

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon

Skidaway Island is rolling out the welcome mat for some very special visitors – migrating monarchs – and no, it’s not Harry and Meghan.

Courtesy of The Village Library

As a part of ongoing plans to reopen the library, all members who still have books/library materials checked out are asked to return them to the library as soon as possible. Items may be dropped off anytime using the book return dropbox. The library will not be open, but volunteers will be checking the books in as they are returned. We still are in the “grace period”, so no fines will be levied.

Courtesy of CEMA and the Coastal Health District

Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) and The Coastal Health District will offer COVID-19 testing on June 3 at Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for Skidaway Island residents. 

To assist with possible high-traffic at this mobile testing location, Chatham County Police will be on hand the day of the event. Appointments are not necessary, but depending upon turnout, residents should expect long wait-times. 

Whether Disney World was in your vacation plans or you simply love the "house of mouse", this YouTube channel (

After careful consideration and deliberation, the Board of Directors of The Landings Association (TLA) voted to return the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds, and those funds were returned yesterday.

Utilities, Inc. has informed The Landings Association that beginning Monday, May 11 crews will begin work on a sewer main repair at the intersection of Yam Gandy and Landings Way.

The work to repair the main is an extensive process that will require a well pump be installed at the south entrance of Yam Gandy and Landings Way to pump water from the well point before digging and repairs can begin. Digging and repairs are expected to start on Thursday, May 14.

Residents are advised that the well pump will run around the clock and may create some noise near the work area.

Courtesy of Landings Security

Learn more about the incidents Landings Security Officers have been responding to recently, including a Dog Attack, Vandalism, and more.