By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO, The Landings Association

Dear Residents,

As I write this, The Landings Association just received the completed Reserve Study. This study was initiated to determine if our current Capital Reserves funding levels are appropriate compared to industry standards, and to address concerns about our aging infrastructure.

The February 6 Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Meeting Agenda has been posted. It can be accessed by clicking February 6 ARC Agenda. Applicants, owners, and interested residents are welcomed to attend the meeting on February 6 at 9 a.m. There will be a signup sheet available at the front desk. Please sign in upon arrival and indicate the agenda item of interest.

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO, The Landings Association

The Landings Association recently received the results of the Reserve Study that was conducted by Community Advisors, an independent consulting firm specializing in community association Reserve Studies. These results were presented at the Budget Workshop on January 27, 2020, and the full Reserve Study Report is posted online.

  •  Selling a house is a big undertaking. And if you want to ease the process while also maximizing profits, then being prepared is key.

  • Plan to hear from industry experts about the things you should consider before selling your home on February 4 at 5:30 p.m. in Delegal’s Sunset Pavilion.

  •   Presenters will share information culled from their experience about what top-of-mind concerns buyers are focused on when looking for a new home as well as what sellers can do to prepare their home for sale.

  • Whether you are thinking about selling your home in the near term or down the road, or if you have questions about maintaining your home to current expectations, this program is for you.

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

  • Nearly 60 residents joined The Landings Association (TLA) at Delegal’s Sunset Pavilion on January 27 to hear the results of the Reserve Study. Others tuned in to watch the event that was live-streamed on Facebook.
  • As background, in 2019, The Landings Association’s Board authorized the engagement of Community Advisors, led by Charlie Sheppard, to perform the study. Last October, Sheppard visited The Landings and completed an onsite analysis of all components in TLA’s Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP), including their useful life, condition, and remaining life.
  • After collecting and analyzing the data using different formulas based on best practices, industry standards, and various funding level options, Sheppard submitted to TLA a comprehensive study of his findings.
  • Although the report offers several different methods of funding the Capital Reserves Fund with illustrated examples of each, the primary finding of the study is that The Landings Association is not allocating enough money to the Reserves Fund, and the level in the Fund is not sustainable over time, placing the community in danger of resorting to bank loans or Special Assessments.

By John Holmquist
President, The Landings Association


I received an email from a resident who was concerned about reckless cart driving on our community paths. He said community path safety should be a priority. It is. He also said The Landings Association should “get on it.” We have.

Last year, I was TLA’s Board Liaison to the Security Committee, and I also served as a member of the subcommittee on community path safety. The subcommittee met with residents, met with the Chatham county police chief, and reviewed the universe of possible solutions. The widening of the path between Tidewater and Wiley Bottom was one step.

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

If you missed The Landings Association’s January Board Meeting, you can watch a video of the meeting on our YouTube site by clicking here.

Videos still are hosted on our Facebook Group Page for those who prefer to stay connected via that platform.

If you are a Landings property owner, please request to join our Facebook Group today so you can keep up with what is trending for The Landings Association and learn more about events and programs happening in the community.

By Tim Cook -
Security Director
  • Many of you may recall that in December 2019 we implemented Phase 1 of the proposed improvements to the community paths to serve as a test pilot.
  • The improvements were made to the path that runs along Landings Way North from Tidewater Way to Wiley Bottom Road and included the removal of several trees and the widening of several key areas (see photo at right).
  • We currently are working to have various signs installed, including a posted speed limit as well as a vehicle hierarchy signage display for the community paths.
  • The physical enhancements are one facet to a multi-pronged approach that ultimately is necessary to achieve our goal of improving safety and increasing the overall experience for all users on our paths.
  • We continue to move through the process of revising The Landings Association’s Rules and Regulations, which will clarify the golf cart rules and include a section regarding the community paths.
  • Please watch for educational articles in The Landings Journal focusing on the topic of golf carts.
By Rory Jose -
Marinas Director
  • Last year was a very busy and fun year for the Marinas, and we are excited about what 2020 has in store for our waterfronts!
  • The Marinas team is getting a jump on spring cleaning and minor projects, while larger projects are underway and in the planning stages with trusted contractors.
  • Our focus is to ensure our facilities remain the idyllic locations our boaters and residents expect and deserve. With a relatively mild winter so far, business hasn’t slowed down as much as in previous years.
  • To continue to enhance our guests’ experience on the water, we’ve added more fishing and crabbing items to the Harbor Store’s inventory, as well as upgraded some of our food and beverage options.
  • As we continue preparing for the 2020 boating season, we want all our resident boaters to enjoy the services and convenience that our Marinas offer.
  • If you anticipate storing your boat only through the summer months at Landings Harbor, please inform our Office Manager Katie Smith ( or 598-1901).
By Raoul Rushin -
President, TLCo
  • The Landings experienced a great real estate year, with 323 total homes sold, or 8% more than the previous year’s 300 total home sales.
  • The implications were very positive, as we ended 2019 with an overall supply of 4.1 months of listed home inventory.
  • The industry considers a 4.0-month supply to be balanced, in that neither the seller nor buyer are advantaged in agreeing on a price. Please understand that this is an average, with homes in the $200Ks having a much faster-moving inventory than those priced at $1m+, etc. Also, keep in mind that over the last six years, we’ve hovered between a six and an 11-month supply, causing the buyers to be advantaged.
  • This is great progress from the 214 total homes sold just a few years ago, and we feel that annual home sales of 365 or more will put additional positive pressure on our home values.