By John Holmquist
President, The Landings Association

February turned out to be our rainy season, so we can thank Emperor Numa Pontilius that it is the shortest month of the year. We look forward to March and to spring and to a return of drier, warmer weather that makes spring here so magnificent.

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

You can watch a video of The Landings Association’s January 26 Virtual Board Meeting on our YouTube channel ( or click here.

If you are a Landings property owner, please request to join our Facebook Group today so you can keep up with what is trending for The Landings Association and learn more about events and programs happening in the community.

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

Take a poll of pet owners, and most will tell you that their pet is very much a part of the family. Most also will tell you that all pets are as different as the people who love them. However, one thing remains constant regardless of whether your pet is a cat, dog, rabbit, turtle, or leopard gecko…their care and well-being is a top priority. 

Dear Editor

The Skidaway Cat Alliance Team (SCAT) is a group of dedicated volunteers whose mission is to provide for the humane treatment, health, welfare, and population control (spay/neuter) of the free-roaming cats on and in the vicinity of Skidaway Island. 

By Blake Caldwell

When we bought our lot in 1998, there was no Dog Park in The Landings. There were few dog parks anywhere. But when we started building our home in 2001, a committee had been formed that actively raised money to build the Park we now enjoy. When we moved in, I joined the Park the first day. 

By Nancy Lieb
Dog Park Committee

If you use the Landings Dog Park, you must pay your fair share.  Please purchase your 2021 purple dog tag today! Remember, owners of visiting dogs must undertake the same responsibilities as members, including being liable for any aggressive behavior, damages, vet bills, etc. 

The Dog Park Committee currently is studying solutions for the muddy turf in the large area at the Park. 

Courtesy of The Landings Dog Park 

Vaccinations, parasite prevention, rabies, and health certificates are basic prevention protocols for the well-being of your furry family member. The Landings Dog Park requires proof of vaccinations (Rabies, Bordatella, DHLP/Parvo) for all dogs before the issuance of a Dog Park tag. As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to discuss preventive care and treatments with your Veterinarian as they aid in your pet's health. 

Courtesy of Community Development 

Your roof has you covered, along with all the household items beneath it. However, many may be unaware of the importance of regularly inspecting, maintaining, and replacing a roof. Architectural shingles have a lifespan of up to 30 years, and the repair and replacement of roofs throughout The Landings is consistent with development patterns in the earlier phases of the community, where many homes are at or nearing that 30-year mark. 

By Larry Sincoskie - 
Marinas Director 

As a quick reminder, operating hours for Landings Harbor are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, and the hours for Delegal Creek Marina are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily. 

The Landings Harbor basin dredging project was delayed a couple weeks but did begin mid-February. Our dredging contractor, Estate Management, brought their equipment and team in to concentrate on the southeast area of the basin (see photo below). We expect the process to continue for approximately one month. It is important to note that the time it takes to complete this project is affected by the tides and weather. We have communicated the plans to our boat owners so they are aware that we will be safely moving their boats to temporary holding areas during this time. The result of this project will make it easier and more efficient for the boats to maneuver in and out of the Marina.  

The Landings Sailing Program members refuse to let the chilly and rainy days deter them from being out on the water. The “Frost Bite” race series continues to bring them out every other weekend. 

We have begun updating our Marinas Facebook pages. Our goal is to share information and activities that go on at the Marinas. Recently we had very friendly pelicans swooping around, and a few dolphins popped their heads right inside our basin. Please feel free to like and share our Facebook pages -- @landingsharbormarina, @delegalmarina, and @landingsmarinas. 

Delegal Creek Marina has only a few wet slips still available. Delegal has the best and cleanest amenities available in the area for larger power and sailing vessels. Landings Harbor dry storage has limited availability as well, as occupancy has continued to rise. If you are planning to boat from either Delegal Creek or Landings Harbor this upcoming season, please be sure to contact us in advance to ensure storage space is available. We anticipate reaching full occupancy before too long. 

Stay tuned for more information, and we look forward to seeing the sunshine and you at the Marinas!

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon 

Skidaway Audubon’s Tallow Terrors, a band of chainsaw-wielding volunteers striving to eradicate invasive tallow trees from the island, said good-bye to one of its dedicated workers this month.