By Sean Burgess -
Public Works Director

Known for its minimal upkeep, Centipede is a heat tolerant turf, best suited for the southeastern United States, and requires far less maintenance than its competitors. Centipede is the third feature in our Turf Management Series and is the predominant turf in Tidewater Square. Its unique characteristics, watering requirements, and maintenance needs are outlined below:

Courtesy of The Landings Club 

All members, residents, and staff are invited to participate in our grocery to go and prepared family meals. The prepared family meals are for four to six people. You do not have to be a Landings Club member to take advantage of this service.  

Landings Harbor Marinas access for non-boaters at Landings Harbor is limited to the picnic grounds. Please do not enter the restricted boat operations area for any reason.

Landings Harbor Marina is open for limited boating operations, and access to the facility is restricted to this purpose.

For the health, safety, and well-being of all, please do not enter the operations area if you are not moving your boat or have a reservation to have your boat moved from the dry racks.

Courtesy of Landings Security

Learn more about the incidents Landings Security Officers have been responding to recently, including Failure to Comply, Fishing, Scam(s), and more!

Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Learn details about the 2020 Road Repair and Replacement Project, 2020 Community Path Program, and more. 

Landscaping Reminder 

COVID-19 has all of us off of our regular schedules and struggling to keep up as we adjust to the new normal created by this pandemic. 

Courtesy of Landings Landlovers

Message From Our President  

The Landlovers Board voted unanimously in mid-March to suspend all Landlovers events for the remainder of our fiscal year, which runs through May 31.  

Our decision was based on concern for our members and the guidelines stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC, in accordance with its guidance for large events, recommends that for the next eight weeks, organizers (whether groups or individuals) in the United States cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 or more people. Events of any size should be continued only if they can be carried out with adherence to guidelines for protecting vulnerable populations, hand hygiene, and social distancing.  

Because Landlovers cannot guarantee that people will adhere to the guidelines for protecting others, we decided to err on the side of caution. We have had a terrific year and want to make sure that all our stakeholders and team members stay safe.  

Courtesy of Landings Security

Learn more about the incidents Landings Security Officers have been responding to recently, including Vandalism, Gas Leak, Vandalism, and more!

For the past few years, The Landings Association has printed a Community Calendar in the Residential Directory (pages 19-20 of the 2018 edition) as well as in The Landings Journal.

Community-wide organizations can post the dates of their engagements, allowing the elimination of conflicts in scheduling, while providing residents a master calendar for their activities.

Take advantage of this free community posting and publicize your event. For inclusion in the 2019 Landings Residential Directory, we must have your listing by October 31.

By Kimberly McDowell -
Executive Assistant to the General Manager

If you are looking for a way to contribute to the community and make a positive impact at the same time, consider volunteering to serve on one of The Landings Association’s Committees. Applications will be accepted through December 1, 2018.

Association committees include Appeals, Architectural Review, Communications, Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Marinas, Public Works, Security, Strategic Water, and Water Conservation.