General Manager's Update

Karl Stephens -
General Manager/COO

Dear Landings Association Members,

As we look ahead to the new year, we have many exciting changes in store for the area of communications. Not only are we getting closer to the launch of our new smartphone app, but we also are preparing to make some changes to The Landings Journal.

As a bit of background, we originally planned to reduce the frequency of the printed publication from monthly to quarterly in 2023, with plans of eventually moving to digital a few years later. Recently, we learned from Gannet Publishing, the printer for our publication, its printing facility in Savannah is closing and their last print is set for December 22. We had to make some quick decisions. After talking it over with our Board and Communications Committee, we all agreed that rather than engage a new printer for our publication at potentially triple the cost of what we currently pay, we would move to digital issues of the Journal starting in February 2023. The new, digital Journal will exclusively feature Landings Association news and happenings. However, we still will use our weekly Enews to publicize news and events for our island partners and other organizations.

We understand that this is a big change for all of us, but we believe it is the best financial move for the community at this time. We currently are researching platforms that will allow for the best digital experience of our Journal and are open to printing copies on demand for those who want to hold a physical copy. Additionally, we will monitor closely the digital experience and decide if changes should be made to resume printing in the future.

As we close out the year, and my first year as your General Manager, I often get asked how I’ve adjusted to this role. I can honestly say that everyone has been so supportive, it has been an easy transition. From our outstanding staff to the helpful and insightful committee members, to the Board which is focused not only on our short-term projects but our long-term Strategic Plan, everyone is pulling in the same direction. We close our first 50 years on a high note as we move into our next half century. Speaking of 50 years, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge everyone who helped to make The Landings’ 50th Anniversary a huge success. From our 50th Anniversary Committee Members, to our island partners like The Landings Golf & Athletic Club and The Landings Company, to all our wonderful sponsors and the thousands of members who supported our efforts. Thank you to all!

You see that spirit of cooperation in our extensive listing of 800+ volunteers who help make our community so special, starting on page 16 of this issue. On top of that, we have had several dozen new applications to our various committees. We will do our best to place as many as possible, to ensure a wide range of talents and opinions to help guide our work. It is very gratifying to see this outreach of support.

Finally, we’ve been discussing the negative impacts of inflation and how it has affected the purchasing power of your Association. On the positive side, for the first time in more than a decade, we now are realizing meaningful returns on our investments. Our policy allows only investments where the principle is guaranteed. Even with that restriction, we now have some investments that are earning 4.65%. We have “laddered” these investments, so that as they mature, we can reinvest them at ever-higher interest rates. This helps protect our Capital Reserves Fund.

If I can be of assistance, please drop me a line (

Have a happy and safe holiday season!