Budget Box: Landings Harbor Dry Rack Project

By Karl Stephens - karls@landings.org
General Manager/COO

The dry rack buildings at Landings Harbor Marina were constructed in phases from 1980 through 1987. The dry rack building replacement project has been through alternative conceptual designs over the past several years. A close look at the design and use of each building specific for the vessel sizes must be considered, as the price of raw materials and labor have seen significant increases.

The buildings were previously budgeted for replacement around 2016. This replacement was revised to a refurbishment in 2018 after disruptions occurred as a result of Hurricane Matthew. This refurbishment has become an inadequate task due to the challenges with respect to the width, height, and weight of the vessels being built today. The existing rack buildings were designed for small crafts with low height profiles (fewer than 10 feet) and maximum beams of 8’ – 8.5’. As the structures aged and prolonged exposure to the weather and elements, rust, and failures are occurring, to continue to provide safe, clean, and appropriately sized storage space for vessels, the rack buildings need to be replaced with a modern, appropriate building structure.

Landings Harbor Marinas staff, led by Marinas Director Larry Sincoskie, are working through the engineering and development process to replace the dry storage buildings in a phased approach. The Marina expects to have one building under construction before the end of this year. While the new rack locations will be similar to what now exists, an increase in occupancy for 15 mid-size boats will be achievable by adding an additional building.

The first phase of the project is scheduled to begin in 2022, with completion in early 2023, for an estimated total cost of $750,000, which is included in the Capital Reserves Budget for the appropriate years.