Landings Website Offers Discussion and Lost and Found Forums 

By Lynn Lewis - 
Communications Manager 

Do you want to share your opinion on a topic of interest with your neighbors and friends and gather their feedback? If you answered yes, then the discussion forum on The Landings Association’s website is the perfect platform for you! 

You must be logged into the website to view or post to this members-only area of the website. Then select the category that best fits what you wish to discuss. While participants are encouraged to speak freely, it is important to note that the forum is monitored, and attacks on individuals, bullying, profanity and inappropriate posts will be removed. Anonymity and the sales of goods and services also are prohibited. 

In 2021, a Lost and Found Items forum was added to this area at the suggestion of a Landings resident.

In Lost and Found Items, members can post information regarding all things missing or found.  Please note, that you cannot post images directly to this platform. However, you can link to an image on Facebook, Instagram, or another location. 

To view this area of the website, make certain you are logged in with your username and password, and then The forums are housed in the "Resources" area of the website.