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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

2022 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed paving Landings Way South between Activity Drive and Westcross Road this week and began milling Shellwind Drive on Wednesday (April 6). Barring any weather delays, Bennett Paving is scheduled to pave Shellwind Drive next on Monday (April 11).

2022 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete completed the conversion (from asphalt to concrete) of the community paths on Vandy Court and Mainsail Crossing this week. The contractor is scheduled to move to the project scope in Moon River next week.

Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

In preparation for the annual Mailbox and Sign Painting Program, staff began making the necessary repairs/replacements to the mailboxes and posts located in the following areas of the community: Priest Landing Drive and all side streets, Bartram Road and all side streets, and Landings Way North (from Deer Run) and all side streets, excluding Timberlake Drive.

Holiday Preparations

On Monday, staff began the holiday preparations around the community. The work includes pressure washing around the gatehouses along with exterior paint touchups. In addition to the work around the gatehouses, staff will pressure wash all directional, monument, and street signs located throughout the community.

Main Gate Turf Transition

BrightView, in conjunction with their contractors began working on the turf transition at the Main Gate this week. As a reminder, please note that the project area will be scalped the week prior to sod placement (periods of no turf at this gatehouse will exist temporarily) before the new sod is installed the week after the scalping process. Following the installation of each section of turf, Brightview may be required to run the irrigation during the day for 1-2 weeks to ensure the new sod is getting the proper amount of water to get established.

Mulch Installation at the TLA Playground and Small Dog Park

On Thursday, new mulch was installed at the TLA playground and the small dog park (approximately 90 cubic yards). This project is included as part of the BrightView 2022-2024 Landscape contract and the mulch allowance was expanded to capture the small dog park.