50th Anniversary Golden Nugget: Air Curtain Destructor

Courtesy of the 50th Anniversary History and Communications subcommittees

In the early days, it was not uncommon for owners of The Landings returning home on the Causeway to see a large plume of smoke rising from the center of Skidaway Island. Clearing trees for roads, lagoons, golf fairways, and buildings generated massive amounts of vegetative debris. Logs, of course, could be sent to the Union Camp paper mill. But branches, stumps, and related waste all had to be burned. Burning brought with it smoke, soot, flying embers, and, of course, CO2.

In a joint effort with the State Environmental Protection Division, The Landings established a burn site off McWhorter Drive and installed the first “Air Curtain Destructor” in our area. An Air Curtain Destructor creates a hotter and more efficient furnace due to fresh oxygen being funneled into the flame. It creates a much cleaner and safer burn, since the fast-moving curtain of air traps the smoke and sparks beneath it, leading to significantly lower emissions of particulate matter and CO2.

The plumes of smoke were banished from paradise!

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