Fun on the Water with The Sea Sisters

By Paulette Hamilton and Susie Fusco
Courtesy of Carefree Boat Club

It’s been said that the best views of Skidaway Island are from the golf courses, but any boater will tell you that is not the case. It is the views of Skidaway Island from the water that are awe inspiring.

Members of Carefree Boat Club are fortunate to have boats at both Marinas, allowing us to explore the surrounding waters and barrier islands. Within Carefree Boat Club are The Sea Sisters, who get together once a month to cruise to local dockside restaurants, enjoy an afternoon raft-up, compete in a poker run, or cruise the waters. Whatever the plan, the Sea Sisters are always up for the adventure.

The Sea Sisters cruised to Marker 107 for dinner this past July, an hour boat ride from Delegal Creek Marina. We arrived just as they opened, had a wonderful dinner, and we were back on the boats by 6:30 p.m. to enjoy the best part of the trip home -- waters so calm it was like floating on a mirror, and the sun casting shades of red and orange in the sky. Is there anything better than that?

Some of our excursions are not as perfect, like the day we took a brand-new boat to Hilton Head, Skull Creek Boathouse as our destination. We all loved the view of Skull Creek, enjoyed our lunch, and each other’s friendship. On our way back to the boat, we noticed black clouds that didn’t look good. It begged the question, should we stay, or should we go? We decided to take a chance and hopefully outrun the storm. Well, we lost. The skies opened, and the rain pummeled us. It was like needles hitting our faces, and we couldn’t see the front of the boat. The rain was coming down so fast. Our next big decision was whether to keep going or turn around and go back to the restaurant. We decided to turn around. The conditions were so bad we never made it back to the restaurant but instead tied up to a floating dock at a private residence. We climbed the steps to their covered area and waited and waited for the storm to subside. Finally, when the rain let up a bit, we boarded the boat headed to Harbor Town, where we met the Carefree Boat Club owners and staff, who came to rescue us and bring us home safely.

Some of the Sea Sisters’ favorite spots are Adams Creek and Peanut Island. We enjoy catching a glimpse of eagles soaring through the sky or monitoring their nests, docking at the Wassaw Rangers Station for walks on the beach, watching egrets and herons along the marshes fishing for their next meal, cruising the Savannah River for a downtown experience, or just anchoring to watch the dolphins’ acrobatics. The Sea Sisters are always up for a day on the water because we know it will be filled with amazing sights and memorable adventures.