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Budget Box: Community Development Department

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO

The mission of the Community Development Department is to strengthen the long-term competitive position of The Landings by maintaining, protecting, and improving the quality of the community housing stock. Programs within the department include Architectural Review and Community Standards.

The staff team is responsible for conducting plan reviews and performing property inspections associated with construction, alterations and additions, and general maintenance of private properties. The department also issues permits for construction activities and inspects properties for compliance with governing documents such as the Private Property Maintenance Standards. In addition, these employees plan and implement educational events and serve as staff support to the Architectural Review Committee and the Appeals Committee as needed.

Overall, the 2021 workload in the department has remained at an all-time high following a very sharp uptick in submissions beginning in 2020. This continuation of activity is in part a result of an increase in property sales, resulting in new owners investing in improvements and renovations. The 2021 year-end estimate for revenues in Community Development is $140,000, which is an increase of 133% compared to the original 2021 budget of $60,000.

The Community Development Department had a budgeted staffing level of four fulltime employees, but the increase in Department activity in 2020 has remained constant through 2021. To remedy this, The Landings Association’s Board of Directors recently approved the addition of one fulltime employee to the 2022 Department budget in order to resume the routine private property inspections back to previous service levels. The increased revenues from permit fees more than offset this expense.