Osprey Chicks of 2021

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon 

Early on Tuesday morning April 13, our first 2021 Osprey hatchling emerged from its egg in the Skidaway Audubon Landings Bird Cam nest. The nest is located 80 feet up in a pine tree on the eastern marsh. This morning (April 16), after 39 days of incubation, the second hatchling finally emerged from its shell to join its sibling. Mom and Dad Osprey now have two hungry chicks to care for and one more egg to keep incubating. We’re hoping for one more hatch in the next several days.

Don’t miss a moment of the live-action; visit landingsbirdcam.com/! There are three camera feeds offering different views of the nest. Please note the two Twitter feeds below the live cams. Our Camera Operators frequently make short videos of some of the most memorable events!

To see the cameras on your large-screen Smart TV, Roku, or Fire Stick, go to the YouTube app and search for “Landings Bird Cam”, and choose from one of the three cameras streaming live. You also can watch the cameras on the website of our partner, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology – use the search words “Cornell Savannah Osprey”.

Since 2014, Skidaway Audubon has been streaming live video 24/7. In 2018 the original nest tree died and had to come down, so volunteers built a new nest in a neighboring tree. During that time, the nest has been visited by many species of birds, including bald eagles, and has been occupied by great horned owls and ospreys. Each season, at least two owls or ospreys have fledged from the nest.