In the Pipeline

Welcome to “In the Pipeline”, The Landings Association’s newest column outlining some of the current internal work underway by your TLA Board, Committees, and Staff for our community. These news summaries are designed to keep residents consistently apprised of matters that typically are finalized through action of the Board of Directors.  As new projects arise, they will be added to this series and published in our Weekly Enews Digest. If you have questions or concerns about any of these items, please email

The following topics are currently either being explored, are under staff review, or pending discussion in various Committees of The Landings Association.

General Purpose Assessment (Property Owners Dues) – Staff have been evaluating year-end estimates and projecting the impacts of COVID-19 on revenues and expenses. At the guidance and direction of the Reserves Subcommittee, the Finance Committee, and the Board, the proposed amounts for the next three-year Annual Property Owner Dues were presented at the June 23 Board Meeting and approved by the Board. The dues are necessary to provide Association services and to provide funding to repair and replace infrastructure and assets. A community vote will be held this fall. To learn more, please visit

Rules & Regulations Update – Over the past several years, TLA staff have identified opportunities to clarify and realign The Landings’ Rules and Regulations with current community needs and industry standards. Staff currently are in the process of developing proposed revisions to the current document for review by the Security Committee, Governance Committee and the Board of Directors. As with other proposed Rules changes, before action by the Board of Directors, owners will have a 30-day comment period before any such changes are approved.

Chatham Emergency Services (CES) Paramedic agreement – Staff and the Governance Committee are reviewing an update to the 2001 agreement with SSFD (now CES) to guarantee 24/7 paramedic level emergency medical service on Skidaway Island. Chatham Emergency Services is increasing the amount of paramedic level service from $25,000 to $48,000 per year, the first-ever increase.

Garbage Collection – A Request for Proposal has been sent to prospective bidders as part of an initiative to explore the feasibility of single-source waste collection at The Landings. The goal of this research is to determine if residents might benefit financially from one main garbage provider within The Landings, while protecting TLA infrastructure. Six vendors attended a virtual pre-bid meeting on May 28 to discuss the R.F.P. Sealed bids are due on June 25. Once the bids have been received and evaluated, staff will provide a recommendation for review by The Landings Association’s standing committees and Board of Directors, including the feedback received by community members.

Playground/Athletic Field Complex – The Athletic Field Complex Committee finalized a proposed playground design and estimated budget for both needed replacements and facility improvements for the complex. The design and budget were reviewed by the Public Works Committee and Board of Directors for inclusion into the Annual Dues Proposal. The committee is in the process of developing a communication plan for presentation to the community.

TLC Security Transition – TLA staff provided TLC’s new Loss Prevention Officers transitional training on May 29th. The transition became effective on June 1. Therefore, residents should call 598-2500 for any Club-related issues, including golf course issues such as walkers or fishing, as well as other issues on any Club property.