On the Security Scene





Suspicious Incident

On Tuesday, June 4, Security responded to a residence on Cabbage Crossing for a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, the resident stated that she had returned home from being out of town and noticed that the door handles on the back patio doors were cracked as if someone had tried to break in with a crowbar or similar tool. The resident did not want to contact Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) but requested extra patrols as she would be out of town again for a few days. Unauthorized entry did not appear to occur, and nothing was reported as missing from the home.


Security responded to Delegal Marina for a report of a missing kayak. The resident initially called Security on Saturday, June 1, but stated he would check with friends first to see if anyone had borrowed it. On Sunday, June 2, the resident notified Security that he had not found his kayak. He did not want to file a report with CCPD. Staff is researching options for camera relocation to cover the kayak racks and encouraging owners to secure their kayaks.

Domestic Disturbance

Security and CCPD responded to a domestic disturbance on Blue Darter Lane on Wednesday, May 29. One person was treated on scene for minor injuries sustained, and no arrests were made.

Request for Assistance

On Thursday, May 30, Security responded to a residence on Caisson Crossing for a request for assistance. Upon arrival, the resident showed the responding officer a tree that had fallen on her roof from a vacant lot. The report was forwarded to Community Development to perform an inspection and notify the property owner if any violations are found.

Continuing Education

On May 30 and 31, Security Office Manager Erica Kersey attended Community Association Institute’s Community Governance (M-204) course in Charleston, South Carolina. The course was taught by Joseph D. Douglass of Whiteford, Taylor, & Preston, LLP, in Rockville, MD. Douglass shared a wealth of information on community association law and related the material to real-life experiences. The information learned in this course will be beneficial as we begin updating our rules and regulations in the future.