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Marshview Landing and North Gate Equipment Replacement

On Wednesday, May 15, Remote Technology began the replacement of the gate system equipment located at the Marshview Landing Access Control Facility. Barring any unforeseen delays (e.g, severe inclement weather), the new Marshview Landing gate equipment should be fully operational by Friday, May 17. A Swift 911 communication was sent to the Marshview residents in advance of the project along with a communication that was placed in their mail tube.

Remote Technology intends to begin the North/Marshwood Gate equipment replacement on Monday, May 20 with a completion date of May 23. Communications on this project also were sent via email.

During and after the installation, TLA staff (Public Works and Security) will be working with the contractor to become familiar with the new system and assist with any maintenance/troubleshooting that may occur down the road.

As a reminder, this project was approved by the Board in March and is funded through our Capital Asset Management Plan ($78,921).

Main Gate Exit Lane Plantings

Over the past week, staff received a number of concerns regarding the Main Gate exit lane plantings. Overall, the concerns were related to limited space for golf carts to pass one another on the path. While the path is 8’ wide and sufficient for two carts to pass, higher rates of speed make passing difficult.  Most often, drivers leave the path and drive along the grass shoulder. Throughout the project, staff have continued to evaluate the distance of the plantings to ensure the proper amount of space is available and will continue adjusting the plantings as needed. In addition, we will be grading and back filling low areas along the cart path’s wooded side to ensure increased passing space.

2019 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete continued through this year’s project scope this week with the demolition and conversion of community paths from Shellwind Drive up to Sedgewater Retreat. The contractor will continue to progress through the project scope. 

2019 Road Repair Project

Bennett Paving began paving Thibault Lane, Kelsall Lane, and Cameron Lane this week. Additionally, the contractor began milling Middleton Road on Wednesday and will pave the road thereafter.

2019 Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

On Friday, Five Star Painters completed the painting of all mailbox posts, mailbox numbers, and yard plaques in Moon River and Marshview Landing. The contractor will progress to Westcross Road and its side streets next week.

Landings Harbor Plantings

As part of the enhancement credit The Landings Association received in the annual landscape contract, BrightView installed additional plantings and trees around Landings Harbor Marina this week. Additionally, driftwood washed up at the Harbor and staff repurposed it to use as a decorative piece with some of the new perennial installations. All installations were completed at no additional cost to the Association. In addition, some variegated gingers, lantanas, and Mexican petunias were transplanted from prior use at our annual flower beds located at the gates.