President's Update 2-27-19

By LeeAnn Williams
President, The Landings Association

Greetings Neighbors!

The Landings Association’s annual Planning Meeting was held February 6-7. The entire Board met at Delegal Marina for two full days of meetings.

The purpose of the meeting is to identify strategic issues on which the Board will be focusing this year. In advance, each Board Member was asked to submit three critical concerns facing the Landings community. The results, in order of number of votes (highest first) were: assessment, incorporation, housing/development, water, and relationships among the three stakeholders. By the end of the retreat, the Board had plans of action for each concern.

The Association’s Strategic Plan is a six-year plan and was initiated in 2015. This year, the process begins for the new Strategic Plan, which will be implemented in 2021.

Our five Objectives from the Strategic Plan are: (I) create and promote an environmentally sustainable community that encourages responsible enjoyment of our natural resources; (II) facilitate a fresh, diverse selection of housing for people at every stage of life who desire the “Landings Lifestyle;” (III) research and leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance the safety, security, and quality of life for our residents; (IV) develop and deliver an expanded array of amenities and services that complement those offered by the Club and promote an active lifestyle, create a strong sense of community, and are valued by our current and future residents; and (V) build and implement partnerships and leadership strategies with major stakeholders that will ensure the future success of The Landings.

On March 19, the registered voters of Skidaway Island will vote whether or not to incorporate, which has been a Strategy under Objective V of the Strategic Plan. The Board passed a Resolution at the end of the Planning Meetingrecommending that residents vote in favor of incorporation.

The assessment discussion began with an analysis of the failure of the vote to pass. Insufficient communication and education, and dissension over incorporation were factors. The Board discussed timing of the next assessment vote. A date certain was not identified, but necessary steps leading up to a vote were, including surveys of the community and a communication plan.

Housing and development are within Objective II of the Strategic Plan. The aging housing inventory, the impact of developments such as Thrive and potential other sites on island, as well as the strategies of The Landings Club and The Landings Company on development are all relevant. Under the direction of TLA Board Treasurer Diane Thompson, the Renovation Committee continues to move forward with exciting initiatives to encourage renovation in The Landings. TLA will continue to work closely with the Club and the Company on development issues.

Excessive water use is a long-term problem impacting our community in a number of ways. The island has made significant progress in water conservation over the past years. It is essential to continue to explore other alternatives, as tighter State restrictions are anticipated in the future. Potential options include a tertiary treatment plant. The Board tasked the Water Committee to continue its work in exploring alternatives and costs.

The annual Planning Meeting concluded with a lengthy discussion regarding Objective V of the Strategic Plan, specifically, the collaboration among the Association, the Club, and the Company. Several action items were identified, all of which involve communication among the three entities. In development, an inter-board committee has been established. In other areas, communications and plans will be handled initially among the Presidents or Chairs of the Boards. I feel very fortunate to work with Cliff Frohn and Rex Templeton, Jr. this year. Throughout the year, I will use this column to update you on our progress.

I cannot close this letter without acknowledging the current level of tension in our community. Through kind interactions with neighbors, I am reminded that this community has weathered many challenges. We will make it through this one, too. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, I know that we are all eager to move forward and heal.

My best,