Temporary Suspension of Mixed Paper Recycling

By Paul Kurilla - paulk@landings.org
Public Works/Community Development Director

The Recycling Center undoubtedly is one of the most utilized and valued amenities in The Landings. While The Landings Association has attempted to run the Recycling Center as a cost-neutral facility, newly imposed recycling restrictions and the continued increase in cross-contamination have negatively impacted the amount of revenues the center once received.

Most notably impacted is the recycling of mixed media paper, which has dropped significantly in revenues from $71/ton one year ago to its current rate of $0/ton. It is important to note that the Center depends on the recycling revenues received from mixed media paper to offset the costs associated with the monthly compactor rental and hauling fees.

To control costs and remain fiscally responsible during the downturn of the recycling market, the Association is evaluating the temporary suspension of the recycling of mixed media paper (newspapers, magazines, office paper, books, paper packaging, etc.) beginning November 1.

In the interim, staff will continue to actively look at alternative ways to offset these costs (approximately $15,000/year for the recycling of mixed media paper without a revenue stream) in the hopes of a continuation of mixed paper recycling.

At this time, the plastic and cardboard compactors will remain available for continued recycling at the facility. To view acceptable items for recycling at The Landings Recycling Center, please click here.

When you have the opportunity, I recommend taking the time to conduct some research on this issue, as the recycling market and mixed media paper market in particular have been significantly impacted by various changes over the last several years.