The Ospreys Are Back on the Island!

By Becky Racaniello
Courtesy of The Landings Bird Cam

It’s an exciting time to be watching the Savannah nest via The Landings BIrd Cam! The male Osprey was first seen back in the area on February 2 and the female on February 11. Since then, they’ve been busy with “nestorations” (act of refurbishing, rebuilding, and remodeling the nest) and mating activity. That paid off for viewers of the Landings Bird Cam on Thursday, March 8, when the first egg was laid.

The team running the camera and Twitter feeds were a little surprised, as last year the first egg was laid on March 27. Twitter fans and the camera team began to suspect something good was about to happen when, at 5:07 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) the female began to act “nesty” --  staying on the nest with some body movement indicating a sign of an egg might be near. Two minutes later, she stood and Voila! – there was an egg. The Twitter world and camera team rejoiced with the news.

On average, a clutch is three eggs, but can be one-to-four eggs, with hatching occuring about 37 days later. Stay tuned for some great Osprey fun as we watch this pair of Ospreys, affectionately called Mr & Mrs O, grow their family. Join us as we watch the fun unfold on our partner’s website (  and, of course on The Ladnings Bird Cam (