Adopt a Wetland Volunteer Training: January 21 from 1 to 4 p.m.

By Kristin Peney -
Community Programs Manager

Join Ogeechee River Keeper on January 21 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Delegal Marina to learn about your local watershed and ways to protect our vital coastal resources! Bring a notebook, writing utensil, a snack, and some water. Don't forget to dress appropriately for the weather, since we'll be outside for about an hour during the training.

This Chemical Monitoring workshop is designed to teach volunteers about basic stream water chemistry and how to conduct the chemical tests using handheld field equipment. The basic set of tests that volunteers are asked to conduct includes dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, and temperature. Advanced tests may include alkalinity, phosphate and nitrate-nitrogen.

Volunteers are given a field test and written test to assess their ability to collect accurate and precise data. Volunteers who collect data within 10% accuracy and pass the written test with a score of 80% or better will be considered a QA/QC volunteer for one year.

Registration is required. Please use the following link to register: