Skidaway Island Incorporation Study and Town Hall Meetings

Jim Rich
President, The Landings Association

Dear Residents,

As noted in the recent Landings Association’s Message from the President as well as the General Manager’s Update, The Landings Association continues to review the feasibility and desirability of Skidaway Island becoming a city through the process of incorporation. This message provides several resources for your review, including the feasibility study (link) and a Board resolution.

Due to the amount of interest in this topic, the Board decided to replace the scheduled Annual Meeting of The Landings Association on February 27 at 7 p.m. in the Plantation ballroom with an Incorporation Town Hall Meeting. In addition, a second Town Hall Meeting has been scheduled for the morning of the 27th from 10 a.m. to noon. The Annual Meeting of The Landings Association will be held on March 20 at 7 p.m. in Plantation.

On Monday, February 6, please check your email for the Frequently Asked Questions which we are receiving concerning incorporation so that you can review them in advance of our Town Hall Meetings.

The Landings Association’s Board of Directors spent this Wednesday and Thursday in a work session reviewing state legal mechanics, processes, and requirements for municipal incorporation, as well as the results of a feasibility study prepared by the Georgia State University, Andrew Young School Center for State and Local Finance. The study concludes that it is financially feasible to incorporate the island as a city. Thus, the Board determined that our community should have the option to further discuss and explore whether this is a desirable direction that is supported by the residents of Skidaway Island, without being delayed by the legislative process for another two years.

State House rules require that all municipal incorporation legislation be introduced in the first year of the two-year legislative session, which in this case is 2017. The bill is studied over the summer and then becomes eligible for passage during the second year of the Georgia biennial legislative session, which in this case is 2018.

Therefore, the Board adopted the following resolution during our work session, which will be submitted to the local state legislative delegation to formally begin the study phase of Georgia’s municipal incorporation process:




WHEREAS, The Landings Association, Inc. commissioned the 2016 Feasibility Study on the Proposed Incorporation of Skidaway Island prepared by the Georgia State University, Andrew Young School Center for State and Local Finance and duly noted the potential benefits to all residents of Skidaway Island from the municipal incorporation of the City of Skidaway Island; and,

WHEREAS, said action deserves careful consideration and public discussion; and,

WHEREAS, the Georgia legislative procedure requires a two-session process prior to passing a bill allowing for a vote of the residents of Skidaway Island concerning incorporation; and,

WHEREAS, failure to introduce said legislation in the 2017 Georgia Legislative Session would cause a delay that is detrimental to the residents of Skidaway Island; and
NOW THEREFORE, The Landings Association, Inc. hereby formally requests its elected officials introduce legislation in the Georgia General Assembly prior to the 40th day of the 2017 state legislative session, which is necessary to allow all residents of Skidaway Island to vote on the incorporation of Skidaway Island as soon as allowed under Georgia law.

We look forward to seeing you at the Incorporation Town Hall Meetings on February 27.

Jim Rich
President, The Landings Association