The Agenda for the June 26 Landings Association monthly Board Meeting has been posted. It can be accessed by clicking Board Agenda.

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

Nearly 200 residents turned out on June 18 for The Landings Association’s Annual Hurricane Town Hall Meeting at Plantation Club.

The guest lane of the Deer Creek/Village Gate now is operable. Thank you for your patience while we worked through this issue.

For the past few years, The Landings Association has printed a Master Community Calendar in the Residential Directory (pages 19-20 of the 2018 edition) as well as in The Landings Journal.

Community-wide organizations can post the dates of their engagements, allowing the elimination of conflicts in scheduling, while providing residents a master calendar for their activities.

Take advantage of this free community posting and publicize your event. For inclusion in the 2019 Landings Residential Directory, we must have your listing by October 31, 2018.

Did you know that Landings residents must observe the outdoor watering restrictions mandated by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division? Here is what you need to know:

By Sean Burgess -
Environmental Manager

In Georgia, we have 40 species of snakes that include six venomous snakes. On Skidaway Island, the snakes we most often see are rat snakes, garter snakes, corn snakes, and copperheads. Although this region is home to all six venomous snakes, the only one that I have ever seen on the island is the copperhead, which is quite common.

By Candra Teshome -
Community Development Manager

When discussing home improvements, most people find the task daunting. Sometimes what stops people from taking the leap lies in the overwhelming details.

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

When many people look at The Landings’ 151 lagoons, the first word that comes to mind is beautiful, but for The Landings Association’s Environmental Manager Sean Burgess, the first word that comes to mind is functional.

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

The beauty of The Landings is undeniable to anyone who dares to take a look. Sprawling golf courses, beautiful trees and flowers, co-mingled with some of nature’s most exotic creatures -- furry, gilled, and feathered -- help make up this island paradise.

But living among such beautiful creatures often can be hard on residents’ landscape designs. It is well known that deer and other animals enjoy feasting on plants and flowers. In fact, they find certain varieties even tastier than others. Despite your best efforts to thwart their meal plans, they seem to win every time.

By Kelly Gordon -
President, Skidaway Island First Responders

 There is a misconception that if you want to be a Skidaway Island First Responder you must have a medical background. We are a team of 24 people with a smorgasbord of backgrounds.

 Each January, we offer a class to perspective new members in hopes that we can continue to grow our team. We offer more than 40 hours of training so that we are prepared for all medical emergencies that may occur.