The Landings Sailing Club

Sailing Adventures in The Landings
By Mark Winters

Captain of the Fleet

You may have seen sailboats chasing each other as they sail around buoys in the Wilmington River, and you may have wondered -- who are these sailors? They are The Landings Sailing Club members. The group maintains a fleet of Rhodes 19 and J24 sailboats.

The Rhodes 19s are 19-foot sailboats with a crew of two-to-three sailors. The J24s are 24-foot sailboats with a crew of three-to-five sailors. On occasion, The Landings Sailing Club joins with sailors from other clubs for regattas that include sailboats of various sizes. These sailboats are beautiful to watch as they race around the river, heeling to port or starboard, as they sail upwind and then jibe downwind with spinnakers billowing carrying them to the next buoy. Sailboat racing allows sailors to enjoy both competition and camaraderie.

When not racing, members often take boats out for recreational and educational sailing. The Landings Sailing Club operates sailboats owned by The Landings Association. Members of the sailing club pay dues to maintain this fleet of boats.

Whether you enjoy the thrill of racing or the relaxation of a leisurely daysail, you are welcomed to check out the Landings Sailing Club to see if this is the group for you. For more information, email Doug Powelson (

Photos By Mark Winters