Landings Community Park Pavilion Reservation

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The Landings Community Park Pavilion is located at the athletic fields at 600 Landings Way South. Picnic tables are available for your use. Please list the name of the group reserving the Pavilion, as well as your contact information, below. Reservations of up to two hours at a time can be made up to six months in advance.


  • The Landings Association must be notified of any changes in this requested schedule of times.
  • I will not utilize water for any purpose on common property including, but not limited to, water slides, inflatables requiring water, et al.
  • I am responsible for obtaining any required County permits associated with the event/activity.
  • The Landings Association is not responsible for the safety or welfare of non-residents.
  • The Landings Association reserves the right to deny access to anyone.

Use of Alcohol on Common Property:

  • Neither TLA nor its employees shall sell, furnish, or serve any alcoholic beverages at any time on any property of the Association.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be sold on TLA property nor may any persons under the age of 21 years of age have in their possession said items at any time on TLA property.
  • If, at any time, alcoholic beverages should be served by anyone on TLA property, the applicant(s) agrees to hold harmless and indemnify TLA, its officers, directors and employees of and from any and all claims for personal injuries (including wrongful death) and property damage sustained by anyone as a result of any act of commission or omission of any person who has consumed any such substance.

Parking/Guest Registration:

An emergency lane must be kept clear at all times on every street. Guests will park in marked spaces where available and overflow will be contained to one side of the street. Fire hydrants and/or mailboxes should not be blocked and parking is not permitted ongrassy areas. Off island guests (participants) will be identified by name to the Security department in advance of the event. If you are expecting five or more off island guests, an alphabetical list is required for Security. This list must include the date, time, and location of the event as well as sponsor’s name and pin number.


Cleanup and trash removal will be the responsibility of the property owner whose signature appears on this agreement. This includes moving picnic tables, removal of any food garbage (including oyster shells) from the site (dumping oyster shells in the marsh is prohibited), removal of all equipment from the area, and any adjustments made to the fields for organized event/team use. If additional support is needed, please make certain to complete the Special Events Permits listed below.

Special Events:

You must fill out the Special Events Permit if you will require any of the following:

  • Special gate access
  • Overflow or street parking
  • Security Officer support (hourly rate/availability applies)
  • Public Works support (hourly rate/availability applies)

PLEASE NOTE: The Landings Association business will take precedence and, therefore, your scheduled event may be canceled or rescheduled with a minimum of 24-hour notice (if possible).

I acknowledge and will abide by the rules listed above; I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Landings Association, its directors, officers, and employees of and from any and all claims, losses, expenses, or liability, including a claim for wrongful death, together with all expenses and attorney fees incurred by The Landings Association which arise from such use.


I have read and understand the Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk of COVID-19 for Amenities and agree to its provisions.