Demolition Application

By filling out and submitting this form, you agree to the following:

I acknowledge and agree that the below-described deposit is being held by The Landings Association in order to ensure that the structure will be demolished in accordance with plans and specifications that have been approved by the Community Development Department.

I further acknowledge and agree that:

  1. I have read and understand the Covenants and Restrictions applicable to the property and all Architectural Guidelines and will follow and obey said Covenants, Restrictions, and Guidelines.
  2. I am responsible for completing the project as described by the drawings and specifications approved by the Architectural Review Committee.
  3. I will maintain a clean demolition site at all times. I will have a commercial dumpster and a job toilet on site in conformance with ARC Guidelines.
  4. I am responsible for the conduct of all workers performing services on this project at all times while they are engaged by me.