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I heard that The Landings Association has spent more than $200,000 on the incorporation review and support required to bring this issue to a vote, with more money still to be spent by TLA, including for the votes themselves. Is this accurate?

No, it is not. As noted on the Incorporation Frequently Asked Questions, “The final total spent is $186,800, as shown on the following chart. No additional funds will be spent in 2019 on the effort to hold the Incorporation vote in 2019.” That includes the additional $15,000 for legislative advocacy and consulting, as noted in the Board Briefs and Minutes from the December 2018 Board Meeting. So that’s the final total from the four-year process.

In addition, the current legislation notes that, “The expense of the special election set forth in this section shall be borne by Chatham County” and not by The Landings Association. The cost of such an election to the County is estimated at $15,000 by the most recent Chatham County Board of Elections Chair, not the $50-60,000 that has been mentioned by some.

What is going on with the recent diseased raccoons?

This is an issue affecting raccoons all along the coast, and not just in The Landings. To read more, click here.

How does the process work to be nominated for election to The Landings Association's Board of Directors?

The process is simple, and you can even nominate yourself. To learn the complete details, please click Nominating Committee Guidelines.