Appeals Request

All fines and allegations of infractions or violations may be appealed to the Appeals Committee. The Landings Association’s Covenants require that a request for an appeal be received by The Landings Association no later than 10 days from the date of the notice. Any appeals received after 10 days will not be considered and the fines, if any, must be paid in full and remitted to The Landings Association (600 Landings Way South, Savannah, GA 31411).


This appeal must include copies of the complaint letters and such other documentation, including any available evidence or affidavits, which explains the appellant’s basis for appeal and fully explains the appellant’s position and why the appellant should prevail in the appeal.

The Appeals Committee will rely heavily on the appellant’s appeal below. Accordingly, the owner is strongly encouraged to submit a comprehensive statement of the owner’s reasons for appeal in a way that is so compelling as to convince the Appeals Committee to rule in the appellant’s favor. The documentation submitted with this request will be the primary basis upon which the Committee will deliberate and upon which it will base its decision.

Should appellant wish to have a witness speak on the appellant’s behalf at the Appeals hearing, the appellant shall include with the appeal request a written affidavit signed by the witness and describing in detail the substance of the matters as to which the witness will testify to at the hearing. The purpose of the affidavit is to alert the Committee to the nature of the testimony and to permit the Committee to be prepared to question the witness respecting the testimony given.

Accordingly, please, in thorough detail, explain your circumstances and why you believe this infraction or violation should be amended or rescinded and attach any relevant documents, statements, affidavits, or other evidence. The Appeals Committee will only discuss items contained herein.

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