Amenity Development Request


This document has been created to assist residents who have expressed interest in developing a new amenity and/or modifying any current amenities.

Since the time that the Developer (Branigar Organization) transferred all common property amenities and maintenance responsibilities to The Landings Association, new and additional amenity development has been organized through resident groups and funded through private donations. Examples of amenities that have been established in this manner include the Dog Park, Athletic Field, Nature/Native Plant Trail, and Kayak Launch. This philosophy and policy for amenity development ensures equity for all members of the Association. It provides a mechanism for those members who desire a new amenity to fund the development costs without impacting the annual Assessment of all members.

Likewise, those amenities with use limited to specific beneficiaries (e.g., dog owners, boat owners, RV owners, kayak owners) as opposed to all community members is considered a restricted use amenity and is funded by user fees. A restricted use facility is an amenity that will limit use of common property for one particular purpose that is not utilized by the community as a whole. User fees are established as authorized in Covenants Section 6.5.5 for the use of common property where such use results in an added expense to the Association and added benefits to the using members, and are reviewed annually for level of cost recovery.

In the event that an amenity has a restricted use (the Dog Park, Sunset Pavilion, Marina slip), a user fee may be established to fund the ongoing maintenance and depreciation of the amenity. If determined that maintenance and/or program costs are negligible versus administering a user fee, the ongoing maintenance cost for the amenity may be funded through Assessment dollars.

If a proposed amenity has unrestricted use (e.g., Athletic Fields, Landings Harbor Picnic Area) and will benefit the entire community, TLA will evaluate funding the maintenance and depreciation through the Assessment rather than applying user fees.

Application Process:

Before any request can be considered and evaluated by the Association, the applicant must fully complete and submit the Amenity Development Request Form to The Landings Association. If the application is complete, including demonstration of community support, TLA staff will review the submittal to determine that the proposal does not conflict with TLA’s development/master plan and Covenants within the community and will evaluate both the initial development and ongoing maintenance costs and revenue assumptions for the proposed amenity.

Following staff review, the proposal will be presented to the appropriate Committees and the Board of Directors for conceptual approval. If approved, the applicant will be responsible for all fundraising, development, maintenance, and depreciation consistent with our Amenity Development policy. Once all of the necessary funds have been raised and significant community support is established, the applicant will receive approval for the project. All common property amenities approved by the Board of Directors are the property of the Landings Association and are subject to Rules and Regulations established by the Association.

Review Process:

  1. Application completed by interested party
  2. Staff review of application to ensure completion, that the request is in accordance with the master plan, does not violate any Covenants, and the development will meet all community standards. In addition, all cost and revenue assumptions will be reviewed and approved for conceptual approval.
  3. Board and Committees review for concept approval.
  4. If approved, Applicant to secure funding and significant community support for the program.
  5. Staff will review supporting documentation and will schedule a request for both Board Briefing and monthly Board meeting.
  6. If approved, applicant will receive a letter of confirmation for construction or modification.

In the event that a restricted amenity can no longer supports its operational costs, TLA at its discretion may close the amenity.


Development Expenses


Maintenance Expenses


Asset Replacement Schedule and Cost


# of Supporters and/or Funding Partners


Resident Support Document

This document is intended to determine the level of community support for the proposed construction and/or modification of an amenity within The Landings Association. In order to gauge community support, the applicant shall be responsible for obtaining signatures from residents willing to donate funding for initial construction and/or a user (which may require user fees) of the amenity.

A. A written name from a current resident is required.

B. A written signature from a current resident is required.

C. Landings address for the resident

D. Phone number is required

E. Email address is requested

F. Indicates party is willing to donate funds for the initial construction cost of the proposed amenity

G. Indicates party will be a patron of the amenity (which may require a user fee)

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