50th Anniversary Grand Finale Celebration Rescheduled for September 24 at Landings Harbor from 3 to 7 p.m.

Due to the forecast for heavy rain on Saturday (September 10), the 50th Anniversary Grand Finale Celebration has been rescheduled for September 24 from 3 to 7 p.m at Landings Harbor Marina.

This event will be worth the wait, so mark your calendars now. There will be live music, food vendors, kids’ events, a pop-and-pour bar provided by The Landings Golf & Athletic Club, and more. Please watch for Landings Association emails with more details as they become available.

Thank you to our event sponsors, The Landings CompanyNicole Casino, and Comcast/Xfinity. If you think these first 50 years were great, just wait until you see the next 50!




Stephanie Giorgio Shares Memories of Growing Up in The Landings

Longtime resident Stephanie Giorgio reflects on early life in The Landings.


Maryce Cunningham Reflects on How Her Family Chose The Landings

Longtime resident Maryce Cunningham reflects on how she and her family chose The Landings as their forever home.









A Poem By Richard Burke


Part I

On either side the island lie

Marshland wide and river nigh,

That bound the land and please the eye;

And or’ a bridge a road runs by

          To tranquil, verdant Skidaway;

Where up and down the golfers go,

On their carts with clubs in tow,

Round the fairways to and fro,

          On golf embowered Skidaway.

But Dina and Rich nor chip nor putt,

    Nor sail in waters that abut                                         

Marshlands where blue heron strut

And rise and fall and twist and cut

          Flowing down to Skidaway.

What do they then to pass their days

In pleasant and amusing ways

On this Isle of tranquil laze,

          This golden isle of Skidaway?

Films to watch and books to read,

Deer to chase, birds to feed,

Home repairs when there is need,

But from wearying work now freed,

          Retired at last on Skidaway.

Three miles each day in sun or rain

They stroll along both path and lane

That pierce the forests of their domain,   

          Their lush domain of Skidaway.

And sitting down to morning meal,

See heron stalk and osprey wheel,

Hoping from the marsh to steal

Crab or mussel, fish or eel

          Along the shores of Skidaway;

And once each month, to their delight,

Watch Moon conspire with the night

To bathe waters dark in golden light;

          Moonlight beams or’ Skidaway.

Part II                                                                     

On a bluff ‘bove coastal water,

Settler, wife, son, and daughter,

General, cleric, merchant, pauper

To virgin forest brought new order

          Two hundred years ‘fore Skidaway.

Streets laid out in simple grid,

Lawyers, slaves both here forbid,

Tomochichi ‘Welcome’ all did bid,

          Fifteen miles from Skidaway.

Tything lots for cottages planned;

Public buildings on Trust lots stand;

Squares for fire breaks, pasturing and

In times of trouble, militia manned,

           One day’s march from Skidaway.

Still preserved those arbored Squares,

Protected now by Settlers’ heirs,

Scenes for weddings, scenes for fairs,

To harm them now no mortal dares,

          Not even one from Skidaway.

In and about those Squares renown,

Dina and Rich can oft be found

Enjoying all the sights and sound

And entertainments that abound

         A little north of Skidaway

Two centuries passed, yet still the call,

Tomochichi’s ‘Welcome’ to us all,

Embrace the city, forsake the mall

          Tho’ it be nearer Skidaway!




The Landings


Skidaway Island, Georgia


Philip R. Viviani, Ph.D

The Harry S. Truman Parkway is where,

Whitefield Avenue will take you there.

Move off the exit turning right,

Passing a couple of traffic lights.


Moving down the Diamond Causeway,

The marshes begin to show the way.

Passing Pin Point Drive you will shortly see,

An American Flag floating in the breeze.


The Moon River Bridge is not too long,

To remember Mercer’s beautiful song.

Then up the Boat Ramp Bridge we go,

To where The Landings start to show.


To the left and right you will see,

The wonderful marshes of the sea.

The Inland Waterway makes its way,

North and South and every way.


So off the ramp you go,

To find an entrance, go very slow.

A Main Gate can let you in,

Staffed by pleasant women and men.


The roads throughout lead the way,

For you to enjoy a beautiful day.

Majestic Oaks and Pines reach for the sky,

A pleasant sight for every eye.


The Oaks send out their limbs,

For the Spanish Moss to dance in the wind.

There’s flowers and colors galore.

With plantings of many more.


There’s many a’lagoon throughout,

So you can see Egrets lurch about.

Ducks and Herons join the crowd,

With many a’fish to be devoured.


The Mariners are such a sight,

Just sit and enjoy the waters bright.

Boats move in and out,

While others are moored about.


Children laugh and play,

As they catch their seafood prey.

Everything seems so right,

For such a pleasant sight.


Look to the West,

For a beautiful Sunset!

What a wonderful way,

To end a beautiful day.





50TH Anniversary Scavenger Hunt 

Test your knowledge about The Landings by solving the clues of our 50th Anniversary Family Fun Day Scavenger Hunt. We highly recommend you visit each location and enjoy all each has to offer. The first 50 participants to complete the hunt should email #CheersTo50Years! to pr@landings.org to be entered into a random drawing. The deadline to email to be entered into the drawing is May 30. Three winners will be selected and announced in Landings Notes & News.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

Scavenger Hunt Answers

50th Anniversary Family Fun Day Details and Menus

June 25 - 50th Anniversary Landings Night at the Ballpark 

  • Click here to purchase tickets now! On this evening, the Savannah Banana's will take on the Macon Bacon. You do not want to miss this exciting event!

Bag Packing Bonanza at TLA

It was all hands on deck recently, as TLA's 50th Anniversary Elves packed goody bags in advance of Sunday's 50th Anniversary Family Fun Day! Round up the family and all of your friends, and head to Landings Community Park this Sunday (May 15 from 12 to 4 p.m.) and enjoy the fun. We can't wait to see you there! #CheersTo50Years!


Lisa Olson Shares What She Enjoys About Life in The Landings

Courtesy of The Landings 50th Anniversary Committee

Tue, 04/19/2022 - 4:23pm

If you would like to share a fond memory or what you love about life in The Landings, visit www.tribute.co/residents-of-the-landings-50th-anniversary/ or click here, and follow the prompts on the screen.




50th Anniversary Spotify Playlist

Click here to listen to The Landings’ 50th Anniversary Playlist. Click here to set up a free Spotify account. #CheersTo50Years!


It's the Landings' 50th Anniversary and we want the world to know it! Head down to Landings Harbor Marina and get your 50th Anniversary gear so you can help represent this milestone year. Additional items are arriving soon! #CheersTo50Years!































Streets in The Landings

Have you ever wondered how the streets in The Landings got their names?  The following articles are courtesy of This Week at The Landings (TWATL), and were written by the late Shari Lee Laist, a former Landings Resident.



Calendar of Events  (All plans subject to change)

May 15 at noon - Golf Cart Parade, Scavenger Hunt, Celebration (Route TBD)

  • 50 Things Parade - Participants to decorate their golf carts with 50 things
  • Scavenger Hunt (Historic sites around the island)
  • Food trucks and more
  • Please note the Carriage Rides have been postponed for this event. 

June 25 - 50th Anniversary Landings Night at the Ballpark 

  • Click here to purchase tickets now!

July 4 - Community Independence Day Celebration

  • Collaboration with The Landings Club to include fireworks and a community picnic.

September 10 - Grand Finale (Rain Date is September 24)

  • Celebration at Landings Harbor Marina from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. with music, food, commemoration, and kick-off to the Next 50 Years!


The Landings Through the Decades - This timeline carries you through the years and highlights some of the trends in food, fashion, movies, and more. It was compiled by residents Maryce Cunningham and Lisa Olson.

Who Remembers - This timeline takes you on a journey from the 70s to the present, offering historical information about The Landings and neighboring areas. It was compiled by Richard Burke.


Article Links


Individuals Who Helped Shape The Fabric of Our Community 

Note: This collection of articles and Golden Nuggets are courtesy of by Lisa Olson, a Landings resident and member of the 50th Anniversary Communications Subcommittee and Richard Burke, a Landings resident and member of the 50th Anniversary History Committee.












Golden Nuggets

Video Links

Click here, and follow the prompts on the screen to record a 50th Anniversary Video.

Fun and Games


Click on the links below to read the full documents.

50th Anniversary Subcommittee Chairs

  • Communications - Maryce Cunningham
  • History - Ron Weller, Bill Foster, Sr., and Richard Burke
  • Food/Kids' Events - Caitlin Anckner and Suzy Hunt
  • Entertainment - Pat Brooks, Brett Feemster, and Ginna Carroll
  • Virtual Celebration Opportunities - Rick Cunningham
  • Social Media Promotion - Nicole Casino and Christine Savage
  • Commemorative Gifts - Jennifer Sabo and Lynn Lewis
  • Donations and Sponsorships - TLA Staff & 50th Anniversary Committee
  • Volunteers - The Landings Community

Note: If you would like to help with one or more of these subcommittees, please send an email to pr@landings.org. Make sure to include in your email your name, address, phone number, and the name of the committee you would like to assist. 

Photo Submissions 

This newspaper clipping, shared by Sue and Sonny Jones, talks about the progress of The Landings (Skidaway Plantation) in the early years. Click on the image to enlarge and read it. 











Brent Woody Musburger (former ABC Announcer with Howard Cosell) and family experience a good day fishing in the 1990's with Captain Bob Morrissey. 



















Delegal Creek Marina decked out in snow in the late 1980s. 











 A light dusting of snow covered the entrance sign of The Landings in January 1987.








Longtime Landings Association employee Mike Bousquet (center) poses with friends at Landings Harbor Marina back in the early 80s.















































Who were the first residents of The Landings? That distinction belongs to Elbert and Helen Little, who bought their lot in 1972, built their own home at 4 Tything Man Lane, and moved into it in 1973, claiming Club Membership #14! 









Pat and Howard Hackney were the first to get Natural Gas in The Landings at their residence on Chatuachee Crossing. In 1987, they started a major home renovation and built a gourmet kitchen. The kitchen took a year to plan and complete and included five commercial gas cooktops, each with 20,000 BTUs; a commercial Custom Cooper Hood, antique Chinese Tiles purchased by Howard in China; and a Georgia Pink Marble Pastry Center with Savannah Grey Brick surround. This was during the cooking and home entertainment wave of the 80s. The kitchen also boasted heart pine floors, custom cherry cabinets, and beveled glass. The Hackneys sold the house in 1995 and now live in Oakridge. It is their understanding that the kitchen on Chatuachee Crossing still is just as it was designed.


















This picture, courtesy of Ron Weller and Noel Wright, is the old Union Bag original wooden Priest Landing dock before Landings Harbor Marina was built. Union Camp had a hunting lodge on Skidaway Island, and they used to bring executives to the island to hunt deer and hogs long before the bridge was built. Noel knew Hank Haines, who was the woodlands manager for Union Bag, so he got invited to hunt and bring trail dogs as a favor to Hank. Noel crossed that dock with his deer hounds many times to hunt with the Union Bag groups of hunters brought down from inland counties, where the company had pineland forests. Members of the groups were politicians who had the authority to set real estate tax rates on Union Bag land. Noel would spend the night in Clayton Davis’s (UB caretaker) shack. The sleeping was not very comfortable – they slept on the bare floor! Clayton always had two or three semi-wild horses that they would ride and drive the dogs with.  Clayton had a son named Duck Davis, who worked at the UB main plant, and Duck would often hunt with them. Hunting stopped after the bridge was built in 1972.

















Note: If you have photos to share with us, please fill out the photo release form and scan and upload them by clicking here. We are especially interested in photos of Landings Amenities and The Landings' lifestyle.