The Latest From The Landings

The Mixed Media Compactor at The Landings Recycling Center is full, and the vendor who handles hauling the materials is unavailable until late tomorrow (September 19) to empty the container. Please do not place anymore items in the Mixed Media Compactor until Wednesday (September 20).

The Landings Association’s Public Works Department appreciates your help and apologizes for the inconvenience.

Rory Jose
Marinas Director

Thanks for all your cooperation and patience while staff were cleaning up the marinas. Both marinas are now open for business.

Due to dangerous hazards on the fishing pier at Landings Harbor, the pier will remain closed until fixed.

If you store a boat on the north side of the basin and need to get to your boat, please call the marina office (912-598-1901).

Your Landings Association staff represented The Landings in the Chatham County CEMA Command Policy Group meetings before, during, and after Hurricane Irma and have continued discussions with Chatham County officials on storm debris removal.

This afternoon, Chatham County provided the following notice to The Landings Association for distribution to all residents: