The Latest From The Landings

By Paul Kurilla -
Public Works/Community Development Director

Ever wonder why certain large-scale projects take longer to prepare for than others? Or why engineering/consultation services are required? Large-scale projects that involve community paths, roads, and lagoon structures can take one-to-three years to prepare for, while the purchase of fleet or other smaller equipment items (e.g., carvewright machine, HVACs, generators, etc.) can take as little as two-to-four months of preparation.

By Amber Capps -
Public Works Office Manager

At the turn of each season, many of us spend hours choosing the perfect combination of flowers, trees, shrubs, and fertilization for our yards.

By Rory Jose -
Marinas Director

The second annual Marina Day took place on Saturday, August 4. Despite the heat, Marina Day proved to be a fun and exciting event for all who attended. This year, a strong focus on boater safety flares.