The Latest From The Landings

Georgia’s Governor has now signed the legislation which authorizes a Special Election for Skidaway Island Incorporation on March 19. The election will be held at your regular Skidaway Island precinct.

Per recently released details from the Chatham County Voter Registration Office, below is what you need to know for how to participate in the upcoming Special Election for Skidaway Island Incorporation.

The Landings Association has approximately 12 miles of perimeter fencing located throughout the community. As part of our landscape contract, BrightView trims and cuts all vegetation 5” inches in diameter or less on each side (1.5 feet on each side of fencing) of the perimeter fencing on Landings Association common property. BrightView conducts this maintenance on an annual basis during the months of October through March, and all material is removed from the worksite daily.

By Paul Kurilla -
Public Works/CDD Director

Over the next several months, we will feature various types of turf that are commonly utilized in coastal Georgia and The Landings. The turf spotlights will include information on the management of Zoysia, St. Augustine, Centipede, and Bermuda.

This month’s focus is on the turf Zoysia, which is planted in the turf area around Delegal’s Sunset Pavilion and The Landings Association’s Administration Building. Below, you will find the turf’s watering requirements, maintenance needs, and more!