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Courtesy of Landings Security

In February, the radar trailer deployed on Landings Way South to capture Northbound traffic just before the roundabout and Tidewater Way intersection captured some interesting data. The 85th percentile speed was 42 MPH.As background, the 85th percentile speed is that in which 85% of all traffic tends to travel at or below a particular speed at the studied point on a road.

Speed bins are listed below. These numbers are inclusive of the total of 20,628 vehicles speeds captured:    

Uptick in Numbers for 31411

The cumulative number of COVID-19 cases for Skidaway Island is 337 positive test results. This is an increase of 12 cases since last week's report.

The Association will be reporting the number of cases in the 31411 zip code (includes all of Skidaway Island) each Friday in E-news. If you would like to monitor the data more frequently, please go to the Health District website (

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

COVID-19 Update 

If you had told me a year ago when I wrote my first article regarding COVID-19 that we would continue to face challenges with this virus a year later, I would not have believed it. However, here we are one year later, and we continue to hold virtual meetings, practice social distancing, and wear masks, and each comes with its challenges. 

Misconceptions about face masks continue to be a concern. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people wear face masks in public settings, especially indoors and when social distancing is difficult. Wearing your mask correctly and consistently is crucial for protecting yourself and others. Several websites, such as the CDC, the World Health Organization, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, offer advice on face masks.